A La Carte Services

Sometimes you only need a very specific service or product, welcome to our A La Carte Services.

These service options allow you to purchase individual services that you need without it being bundled with other things that you don’t.

We completely understand, that is why we offer these services individually for your convenience.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for in our A La Carte options below, please contact us and let us know what it is you’re looking for individually.

We will do our best to try and accommodate your request.

A La Carte Services

Content Creation

I know you have probably already heard this saying before, “Content is king“.

Content and answers is what everyone is searching for these days.

Not only are people looking for local businesses when they search, they are also looking for answers to their questions.

Content can help you rank for more keywords within your niche, bringing new people to your website and potentially turning them into a paying customer.

Whether you’re looking to create new content or optimize your current content, we got you covered.

  • Web Copy Creation – Starting at $90 for 1 page, 150 words
  • Web Copy Optimization – $100 /page
  • Web Copy Creation + Optimization – Starting at $180 for 1 page, 150 words
  • Blog Creation – Starting at $120 for 1 Blog Post, 500 words
Content Creation

Link Building

At the very core of Search Engine Optimization is link building.

However, that is a very general term that can mean a lot of different things.

When we use it, we mean ethically building quality links to your website in a conservative way.

We don’t just go to Fiverr and pay someone to all of the sudden give you 1,000 backlinks.

Not only will that get you penalized, it’s just not an ethical way of doing business.

We build backlinks to your website as if it were our own.

  • Mini Properties – Starting at $180 for 3 URL’s, 6 Authority Site LinksĀ 
  • Guest Posts – Starting at $300 for 1 post, 500 words, DA 10+
  • Link Boost – Starting at $150 for up to 50 URL’s
  • Citations – Starting at $150 for 15 citations
WordPress Page Speed Optimizations

Citation Audit & Cleanup

There will no doubt come a time where you need to have your citations fixed due to wrong information or duplicate listings.

No matter how diligent you are when you create profiles, social media accounts, and citations…

Sometimes they just end up having mistakes that need to be fixed.

Other times, you change your business name, address, phone number, or website.

One of the biggest factors holding you back in local search is incorrect or inconsistent citations.

In fact, this is currently the #3 negative ranking factor when it comes to local search.

  • Citation Audit & Cleanup ~ Starting at $150
Citation Cleanup

Press Release

A Press Release is a great way to not only get the word out about your business and services, it’s also a great way to build high authority links.

Press Releases are also a great way to promote an event that you are having.

We will take your business or an event you’re having and turn it into a Press Release.

We will then submit it via high quality news distribution channels.

This will then get picked up by news outlets and get published on their high authority website.

Creating great buzz around your business or event and gaining high authority backlinks at the same time.

  • Distribution Only ~ Starting at $300
  • Writing & Distribution ~ Starting at $450
Press Release
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