Local SEO Packages

Before your potential customers can purchase your products or services, they have to know that you exist.

Our Local SEO Packages will help your potential customers find you in a crowded market.

Every day there are new small businesses opening up who are offering the same products and services that you offer.

What makes you stand out against them, what gets your business in the forefront of your potential customers mind?

Being a good person, having great customer service, and offering amazing products will not get you to the top of Google Search Results.

It might get you word of mouth referrals, but how long are you going to wait for your business to take off from referrals?

Referrals are not a solid long term plan for your business because they are not consistent and they never will be.

Local Search Engine Optimization will get you to the top of Google Search Results.

Every. Single. Time.

It did so five years ago, it still does it today, and it will continue to do so in the future.

It might not be quick and easy. But it is very consistent and once you build it, it becomes easier to maintain.

Did you know that:

  • near me‘ searches have grown over 200% in the last two years
  • Approximately 46% of all Google Searches are Local
  • Over 50% of ‘near me’ searches result in a physical visit, phone call, or email
  • 70% of consumers will visit a local store if they find information relevant to their search result
Local SEO Packages


$ 399
  • No Contract
  • Reputation Manager
  • Keyword Analysis
  • 10 Keywords Tracked
  • 30 Citations Total
  • 1 Data Aggregator
  • Onsite - Homepage
  • GMB Audit
  • GMB Optimization
  • Monthly Reporting


$ 799
  • No Contract
  • Reputation Manager
  • Keyword Analysis
  • 25 Keywords Tracked
  • 60 Citations Total
  • 2 Data Aggregators
  • Onsite 1 Page /Month
  • GMB Audit
  • GMB Optimization
  • Citation Tracker
  • 1 Guest Post /Month
  • Monthly Reporting


$ 1,499
  • No Contract
  • Reputation Manager
  • Keyword Analysis
  • 50 Keywords Tracked
  • 100+ Citations Total
  • 3 Data Aggregators
  • Onsite 2 Pages /Month
  • GMB Audit
  • GMB Optimization
  • Citation Tracker
  • 1 Guest Post /Month
  • 1 Blog Post /Month
  • Local Search Audit
  • Monthly Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be an extremely good investment. If we rank you for a keyword that would normally cost $3 per click in Google AdWords and it brings 100 visitors to your website each month, that value would be $300 per month for that single keyword.


Now start to expand that single keyword to 10, 20, 30... Every. Single. Month.


Local SEO also has the major benefit of your business showing up in the map pack for keywords as well.


There is a compound effect that will take place from showing up in the map pack as well as the organic listings below the map for multiple keywords.


It's not hard to see the return on investment that Local SEO can produce for your small business.

  1. You sign up for one of our affordable Local SEO Packages.
  2. We audit your online presence (GMB, reviews, citations, website, rankings, etc.).
  3. We provide you with a baseline report and get you connected to your dashboard.
  4. We then get to work to improve your rankings based on your current Local SEO Package.
  5. We do keyword research to find the keywords that will be the most effective for you.
  6. We start tracking your keywords based on your current Local SEO Package.
  7. We optimize your Google My Business listing.
  8. We optimize your page titles, meta descriptions, and H1 tags on your website based on your current Local SEO Package.
  9. We build citations and submit to data aggregators based on your current Local SEO Package.
  10. We build you Guest Post links each month based on your current Local SEO Package.
  11. Each month you receive an updated audit report.

Your monthly payment is automatically scheduled and due on the 21st of each month for the Local SEO Package of your choice. Your payment is for the services that will be performed within that package the following month.


Example: You sign up for the Advanced Local SEO Package on the 15th of January. Those services would be performed during the month of February. You would then be automatically charged on February 21st for services you would receive in March.


This would continue until you either upgrade your package, downgrade your package, or cancel your package.

The main differences between our Local SEO Packages are:


  • The amount of keywords that can be tracked each month
  • The amount of Citations built for your business
  • How many Data Aggregators we submit your business information to
  • How many pages on your website that we perform Onsite Optimizations for each month
  • How many Guest Posts that are created each month

The Basic Package does not have any Guest Posts. For these reasons, we only recommend that you sign up for the Basic Package to build a solid foundation only.


If you want top 3 rankings for your keyword(s), we highly recommend that you choose the Advanced or Pro Package to build your backlink profile.

There are so many factors that determine when you can expect to start seeing results.


How long you have been in business, what city you are located in, what industry your business is in, the age of your website, how many citations you currently have, where you are currently ranking, and the list goes on.


However, below are some very general estimates based on what Local SEO Package you choose.


  • BASIC - This package is only used to build a solid foundation.
  • ADVANCED - Established sites = 3 to 4 months / New sites = 6 to 7 months
  • PRO - Established sites = 2 to 3 months / New sites = 4 to 6 months

Once again, these are very general estimates on when you can start to see improvements, this is not when you can expect to be ranking in the top 3 for your keyword(s).

When you start to rank a keyword on page 1 of Google, you can then start to expect traffic to your website.


Once you start ranking in the top 3 for that keyword on page 1 of Google, you will see a dramatic increase in traffic to your website.


However, once they land on your website, it is then up to your web design, web copy, calls to action, etc. to turn that visitor into a lead and then you and your staff to turn that lead into a sale.

During your sign up process, we will collect basic information about you and your business but we will also need a few more things.


  • Log in credentials for your website so that we can optimize your page titles, meta descriptions, and H1 tags each month.
  • Access to your Google My Business listing, Google Search Console,  and your Google Analytics account so that we can make any necessary optimizations.

We suggest that you continue to constantly try to improve your SEO in one way or another.


However, we also understand that every business is different and every budget is different.


There is a point of diminishing returns when it comes to SEO, and when you reach that point, we will help guide your transition away from one of our recurring monthly packages above, and move into choosing SEO Services from our A La Carte options instead.

If you choose to cancel your Local SEO Package at any time, we simply stop charging you for future services and stop performing any services on your account once the services that have already been paid for are completed.


You own 100% of the work that we have done up to that point. We don't remove anything, change anything, or otherwise try to negatively affect your rankings in any way.


You can choose to still purchase SEO Services from our A La Carte options or start your Local SEO Package back up at anytime you want in the future.

Yes, because there are no contracts, you can upgrade or downgrade to a different Local SEO Package at any time.


However, the cost of the new package as well as the services provided in the new package will not take effect until the new billing cycle.


Each monthly payment is due on the 21st of the month for services that will be completed the following month.

We optimize your page titles, meta descriptions, and H1 tags on your website based on your current Local SEO Package.

Those are the most important features to optimize when it comes to getting that page ranked.


If you would like us to optimize your web copy, create content, or perform other onsite optimizations, you can choose from our A La Carte options or contact us and provide additional information on what you would like us to do.

Guest Posts are blog posts that are written and published on someone else's website that contain a backlink to your website.


One of the biggest ranking factors is how many backlinks your website has.


Essentially, the more backlinks you have, the more votes from other websites you have that tell Google that you should rank higher.

Guest Posts provide a way for us to gain more backlinks from other websites to yours, giving you more votes and higher rankings.

Citations are business listings that are commonly shown on High Authority websites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, Angie's List, Foursquare, etc.


It is a business listing that shows your name, address, phone number, website, and sometimes other details like your business hours, services, etc.


The more citations that your business has, the more trustworthy your business becomes in the eyes of Google. The more trust that you establish with Google, the higher you will rank.


However, it is very important that your citations are consistent, have the correct information, and that there are no duplicates found. To fix these issues, we offer a Citation Cleanup service that can be found in our A La Carte options.

Data Aggregators are companies that collect data for the sole purpose of distributing that information for profit.


They essentially collect your business information and distribute that information to all of the other companies within their network.


There are currently 3 Data Aggregators and each one of their networks include thousands of other companies that they distribute your information to. That information will then be published on most of their websites/directories that are within that network providing you with citations.

If you would like to sign up for one of our Local SEO Packages, please click the 'SIGN UP' button below the appropriate package of your choice above.


You will be prompted to fill out a contact form with basic information.


Once you fill out the contact form, we will contact you to get additional information to complete the sign up process.

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